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Quick Death 02-04-2005 08:30 PM

I was hoping for the treasure chest Freshwater as a graduation present to myself in July, guess not :(. Come on Jim, stop working on MA it's already released! Work on the freshwater tank!!! Pah-Leez!!

Sergiales 02-05-2005 04:07 AM

I'm a bit confused about your words, Jim. I think you should not pay for taking some photos of a tank. I know..., the tank is property of the store owner, but i don't think it is going to hurt anyone!. I really don't know the reason for which you can't take some photos. For example here in Spain, the pet stores also have salt an fresh water aquarium (not too big because the stores are usually small). But the owners are very kind with the people, and i'm sure they would not mind that I took some photos of his amazing tank!. Perhaps it is quite important to talk (or telephone-call) previously with the owner, and tell him the true reason for which you are interested in taking some photos. Then perhaps he allows you to do it. Anyway i don't think you must buy aquarium items that you're not going to own!, it really has no sense to me.
Anyway, good luck!.

Tiny Turtle 02-05-2005 05:42 AM

The problem seem to be that regardless of what you and I think it should be it seems that pet stores near Jim just don't like it.

Jim Sachs 02-05-2005 11:01 AM

Yes, I always ask the owner and explain what it's for. The answer is always "NO!" The usual reason is that it harms the fish. When I try to explain that I don't use any lights and the fish won't even know I've been there, the owner just gets even more deeply entrenched in his position.

The only plausible explanation I've ever been able to come up with is that they might have some illegal creatures in the tanks and don't want any photographic evidence.

Sergiales 02-05-2005 03:20 PM

I'm sorry. I also supposed that they perhaps could have illegal species.

Tiny Turtle 02-05-2005 06:21 PM

Either that or you haven't got as good a sales pitch as a screensaver. I wish i had a seven foot Texan to send with you...

Jim Sachs 02-05-2005 10:56 PM

Hey.. I may know where I can get one of those.

feldon34 02-06-2005 08:40 AM

I know of two aquariums, one of them massive, in Houston that have an "anything goes except flash" photography policy. I bet the huge one in Galveston is the same way. And if we find a place that complains, well, you'll have me along. :)

Sergiales 02-06-2005 10:15 AM

And Jim has told he doesn't need to use any light or flash.
Going off-topic, I would love to visit Houston or New York. Now I have a couple of friends in Florida, and one more in Santa Clara, working for NVidia.
Indeed, sometimes i think it would be fantastic if all of us could meet in person one day. I know this is near impossible, but who knows.... The problem for me would be the language (i feel annoyed when i have to admit this...).

Jim Sachs 02-06-2005 10:42 AM

Yes, I'll probably have to fly somewhere to get the shots I need. Can't do it this coming week because we have an Oregon trip planned, but maybe the following week.

Tiny Turtle 02-06-2005 11:37 AM

Love the new hairdo, Sergio. Blondes have more fun...

cjmaddy 02-06-2005 11:42 AM


There must be a story to be told about those plaits! ;);)

........ don't keep us in suspense! :D

Damn, Tiny beat me to it!

Sergiales 02-06-2005 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by Tiny Turtle
Love the new hairdo, Sergio. Blondes have more fun...

Ahahah! I'm the queen of the carnivals!!. No, no, it's a joke.

But well, the story of my new avatar has to do with my farewell as single(?) person (i don't really know if it is called that way, i mean when you're going to get married and your friends prepare a party for you, and ridicule you all the night...).
As you already know, I got married last year, in May. Between my friends and I there is a tradition to disguise the one who is going to get married. I always enjoyed ridiculing these good friends, until a day was my turn (glup!). They decided to disguise me as the typical blonde dutch girl (a lot of sex-appeal as you already noticed). My friends sometimes also called me 'Heidi', so imagine... The truth is that that night we got a lot of fun. I think that never in my life have meet as many girls as that night (although they always were trying to get up my skirt!!!).
After that, my friends and i thought that the best invention to meet girls was to simulate all the weekends that one of us was going to get married by disguising him :)

Sorry once more for my bad typing and... BTW, do you want photos of that event?.

cjmaddy 02-06-2005 02:31 PM

We call it a Stag Night over here, and a Hen party or Hen Night when the girls go out to party! - Sounds like you had a great time Sergio, - yes please, let's see more pictures! :)

Tiny Turtle 02-06-2005 02:48 PM

But in the appropriate thread of course...

Registry 02-18-2005 01:39 PM

Picture Taking
The stores refusing to allow pictures are definately fearful of illegal animals in the tank. Almost none can be bred successfully and most are poached. I'm only 6' so I'd be no help to Jim. There is Big Tex though & since he's not busy at the Texas State Fair until September...

I coincidently just got called for jury duty in Texas. Since I live in Switzerland now I'm not allowed to serve, though I am curious to serve. I would love to see the questions used to pick to jury and then to blast them for tainting the legal system with juries picked for their ignorance. I say you get picked, you serve with no manuevering by lawyers to pick favorable jurors.

I'm patiently waiting for a Amazonian blackwater tank with Leopard Catfish, Angelfish, & Neon (or cardinal) Tetras.

What's this about 2 backgrounds on the saltwater tank? I only have one. I will say, I've never changed by screensaver out of boredom with it since I installed this one.

Jim Sachs 02-18-2005 10:49 PM

Two backgrounds? I'm just hoping to complete one 3D background in my lifetime.

Hanywella 02-27-2005 05:16 AM

we are now in March ..
When ? When ?
Hope 2 see any thing new ..

Jim Sachs 02-27-2005 12:31 PM

It's a huge project - hundreds of thousands of polygons to create. Still looking for effective ways to animate the soft corals. I'm now studying all the new techniques that have been invented in the last 4 years - currently attempting to learn about HLSL (High Level Shader Language). It sure isn't nearly as easy to take in new information as it was when I was younger!

I'm also still desparate for source material - either Aquarium stores or private tanks that I can photograph.

Hanywella 02-27-2005 05:02 PM

With all my respect to you Jim ..
But this is your work .
and i see that the marine Aquarium is the best sceen saver in the Whole Web sites all over the world , and i mean what i say ..there r no product untill this time can stand face to Marine aquarium ..
& we all love your products .
and the last One was on 2003 Except the Minor Update ..
and i want 2 ask you again ..
WHEN the NEW MARINE AQUARIUM WILL be relased .. just 2 naw ..
if it will not relased in this year say 2 me (It will released the next year) in 2006
Because i dream that you r going 2 rleased any one this year ..
and thax again and i'm sorry if i make you angry or disturb you ..,

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