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Gerty 10-19-2011 02:11 PM

General question
I was a regular on this forum several years ago, but have been absent for a while. I've now decided to come back. I have a general question and hope someone can help me out.
I have some key product codes for the screen saver and when I used one I believe it may have been the first time I purchased it. I upgraded to the screen saver with the time clock a while ago, and now I don't know how to upgrade using that key product code. These are the ones I have :
Marine Aquarium 2 - Windows
Marine Aquarium Time - Windows
Marine Aquarium - Windows
Marine Aquarium 2.6 for Windows
Does anyone know how to upgrade using my code to the Marine Aquarium Time - Windows (I believe this is the one with the time clock, correct?)
Thanks for your help!

patscarr 10-19-2011 02:40 PM

Welcome back Gerty! If you look on the product page at, I believe it is the second one down marked (Upgrade). I could be wrong, so wait until someone else chimes in to confirm.

feldon34 10-20-2011 02:34 AM

Marine Aquarium Time was folded into the main product with Marine Aquarium 2.6. Since that time, there has been Marine Aquarium 3.0 which has an entirely recreated 3D background, Marine Aquarium 3.1, and then Marine Aquarium 3.2 (both free upgrades from 3.0).

Marian Nichols 10-23-2011 04:35 AM

Hi Gerty!! yeah, I'm still checking periodicly. Sure missed you. Right many of the regulars have disappeared. A few of us are hanging on. I love the discussions we used to have. Welcome back, girl. >hug<

jleslie 10-25-2011 11:15 AM

Only having been here 9 years I still think of myself as one of the "new guys"...

Wizwad 10-25-2011 05:57 PM

Hah - tell me about it! I joined up 7 months after you, John! Although whenever I see you joined in Aug 2002 my brain tells me you joined a year before me and are therefore way way my senior. Brains are weird!

Gerty 02-24-2015 08:13 PM

Hey! It's me again!!!! And here I go with another general question. I purchased this a while back and it is my FAVORITE screen saver. My computer took a dump and I now have a new one. Only problem is when I tried to get the screen saver back on it is not accepting any of my product codes. Do I need to purchase an upgrade because they are so old?

P.S. Are any of the "old" members still here? Patscar? MarionNichols?


Jim Sachs 02-25-2015 09:20 AM

Hi, Gerty -

The Key Code is good for life for the version you originally purchased. Those older versions are still available, but there have been great advancements over the years. Send me a Private Message with your info, and I'll see if I can fix you up.

And yes - Patrick and Marion are still here :)

patscarr 02-25-2015 01:12 PM

:) Hi Gerty! How have you been?

Marian Nichols 02-25-2015 01:19 PM

Wow, Gerty! It's been awhile. How are you?

Gerty 02-25-2015 01:27 PM

Good to be back!
Hey! It is very good to be back! I have been doing well. I'm glad to see some familiar "faces" around! Looking forward to getting back in the loop on here! Been M.I.A. for a while, I know, but great to be back!!!

Marian Nichols 02-25-2015 01:34 PM

Yeah, Facebook has almost destroyed forums. I am on both. Always visit here as it is my first love and the members long time friends.

Jav400 02-25-2015 03:23 PM

Welcome back Gerty, glad to see you again and hear that things are going fairly well for you. :)

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