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Huu_Hanh_1959 05-09-2020 03:59 AM

Golfish Aquarium requires a new version, 3.0.
GA has been around for more than 10 years and is no longer suitable for newer computers.

+ The resolution is no longer suitable for wide, 4k, 8k screens, especially with Win 10.
+ Runs on win 10 but not very smoothly.
+ Now no one mentions Windows Media Center, so it is considered a contract with Microsoft has ended so people are expecting GA 3 blue stone attract them forever.

We will be very pleased buy GA 3 30USD with all above condintions.

Ralph 05-10-2020 07:04 AM

Not too many 10 year programs still work on Windows 10. It's a credit to Jim S that SS still works.. and bugs are generally fixed. Prolific.. who developed the GA is/has not been known for keeping up with.. issues.

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