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Originally posted by sunny
hi all,
i noticed that in simple tank there is no debris???
how come there is a checkbox for it?
or it's planned that way? or am i missing something....
Confirmed. I did not see debris in Simple Tank, Big Tank and the Pond. Additionally The Pond does not have bubbles. If this is intentional the checkboxes should grey out to avoid confusion.
in this version , once i have set the fishes (not in random mode)in a particular tank especially "the tank" , when i run cycle thru' tanks, seem that it can't remember my setting (the fishes).
This I can not confirm. For me the fish settings of all tanks are remembered correctly. Timed cycling as well as manual cycling.
I did notice however that after installing all these different beta versions the GoldfishAquarium registry key has become quite a mess. Maybe that is causing your problem somehow.

Morgan, how about a GA regcleaner?
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