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A while ago (maybe a year or more) there was a thread that was getting a lot of replies from users who was having the same problem, including me. Some were saying it happened after the Microsoft monthly updates and others like me have it happen randomly. I just gave up and now have a MS word document with the keycode to copy and past it into MA3 when it disappears.

Anyway, Edger from Prolific posted what he thought was a way to fix the issue but never did any kind of follow-up with posters and it was never integrated into a newer version for download as was requested. Users should not have to go through these steps even if it does fix the issue. I have never tried the fix, so I can't verify if it works. Many users just gave up. Below is the text/instructions that Edgar posted in that thread:

From Edgar of Prolific.

To those who are having problem of needing to reenter the keycode please try the following:

1. Make a copy of MarineAquarium3.scr into another folder and rename it MarineAquarium3.exe.
2. Uninstall "Marine Aquarium 3"
3. Reinstall "Marine Aquarium 3"
4. Now right click on the MarineAquarium3.exe that copied earlier and select "Run as administrator"
5. It should ask for the keycode because you have uninstalled it.
6. Enter a valid keycode and make sure it is not a pirated keycode.

Let me know if this fixes your problems.

In a follow-up post someone made the comment below:

"I think Edgar wants you to find MarineAquarium3.scr in your Windows/Systm32 folder".
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