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All the sand on all the beaches.

We once wrote a program for Mattel for their Caterpillar line of products.
We did some cutting edge formulas that modeled the digging of dirt volumetrically.

What this meant is that you could take a scoop of sand, leaving a perfect hole in the shape of the scoop, and drop it as it slid to its final position.

It was really coolÖ.and had never been done in a consumer product before (that Iím aware of), this was more than just terrain deformation.

For gravel, we donít need to change the way the gravel is currently modeled, we simply need to take what ever pebble the fish is currently trying to push against and when it begins to move, we create a perfect of copy of it in 3D, and move that around.

Then, we just have to have a model for every pebble that the fish might move. Iíll get someone on it ASAP.
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