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Re: New version 0.9 (6238)

Originally posted by Reichart
Our goal is to go Version 1 tomorrow. So unless someone can find an actual bug, we are.
Well, roseangel clearly described an actual bug but it is not fixed in 6238:
Originally posted by roseangel
"if the other tank is adjusted, and then you return to "the tank" and press OK without making any other changes, the previous tank's details overwrite "the tank". This will work with any tank."
Originally posted by roseangel
"In the latest version (6218) the settings panel can be used to set all the tanks in turn, by clicking on the tank you want in the tank configuration menu, then changing to the fish selection menu.

This works perfectly to set each tank individually, and there is no problem when you press the OK when set to the last tank that was modified, but if you return to a tank which was NOT modified before pressing the OK, the settings for the unmodified tank are overwritten."
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