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1. I downloaded the latest update twice before I got the right one. Would it be possible to put the build number in the title of the d/l rather than just "v0.9"

A: this is only a problem for Close to release Betas. Adding the hidden part into the name causes some problems for us.
The real question is, why did the download fail?

2. Although it is fun to 'play' with the program, there is some confusion about settings, the meaning of various things in the config panel, and the exquisite capabilities of the program. Would it be possible, then, for the inclusion of a more comprehensive 'help' file, or even a .pdf manual, to help the handicapped among us A: We plan to update the FAQ to explain all of this.

3. After loading the last update the tank sequences were set to default, which is no problem. But when I began to rearrange them to my preference I realized that the names of the various tanks are confusing, especially when rearranged in an order other than default.
A: We have updated these.
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