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You can't capture the screensaver or the app in full screen in OSX, I don't think, but you can capture the app in a window by pressing Apple/Shift-4 and then drawing a square around it with the mouse. Or the new way of capturing a window is to press Apple/Shift-4 and then the space bar. Your cursor will become a big camera icon that will then capture whichever window you click on. Or you can capture almost full screen by running the MA saver on the desktop using Backlight or Xback and then pressing Apple/Shift-3 to capture the whole screen. It'll be really clean if you get all the stuff of your desktop first and hide the dock. Then you'll only see the menubar (which will be hidden underneath the real menubar if you want to later use the capture as a desktop wallpaper.) On the other hand, Marine Aquarium inexplicably it seems looks about 3 times as clear and sharp in OS9 where you CAN capure if fullscreen with Apple/Shift-4 so if you are really trying to impress someone reboot in 9.2 for the job! Too much information?
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