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Today my machine is back to normal; MA3 runs ok and does not prevent hibernation. BTW, this is a 'suspend to RAM' mode wherein current settings are stored in RAM and then eveything shuts down- HD, fans, lights, etc- and can be instantly resotred to life with the touch of a key/mouse. On Vista 64, at the bottom of the Start menu, there is an on/off icon ( circle with little vertical bar at top) which can instantly activate this state. It will also activate after leaving the comp unattended.

This fucnction was not working with MA3, until I uninstalled MA2.6. Also the odd entries in the SS list window stopped after that, too. Is it certain that MA2 doesn't interfere? In any case I have uninstalled MA2.6 for good; don't need it anyway.

The one problem which remains is that changing the default SS eliminates MA3 from the SS list in display options. It can be reisntated (but only as the default SS) by right clicking the MA3 desktop icon and selecting "install."

I would be interested to know if others have this experience. Also, I wonder if clicking 'install' also activates an install of some sort for MA2.6 which would account for the odd SS list entries?

But, anyway, just to narrow the issue down: it is the problem of changing default Screensavers.

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