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I checked the Event Viewer. After activating MA3, and seeing the yellow triangle and exclamation point, there were no errors or warnings at the time of activation or exit from MA3 in the Administrative Events, Application, Security, System, or Forwarded Events logs.

My computer is fine, with no slowdowns or other problems of any kind currently. With the Core i7 920 eight-core processor, Vista 64-bit, 6GB of RAM and a 30Mbps internet connection, it is actually incredibly fast -- by far the fastest computer I have ever had (and I currently have 5 working computers with 5 different operating systems, I am embarrassed to admit.)

I note that Mikey242, in this thread, mentions that he also sees the exclamation point in the taskbar when MA3 is running. It would be interesting to know in which ways his system and mine are similar or different.

Bob N.
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