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Regarding the 30fps frame rate

I was tweaking the Display a little and the screen flickered and went blank. Then it came back and looked pretty good. So I went and tried the Marine Aquarium and my frame rate has increased to 75fps. Apparently the default video card settings selected full screen with no border whatever that means. When this setting was set the frame rate was 30fps. This is a vio laptop 2.26 GH duo core with 4GB system memory and video card ram 1759 according to the dxdiag setting. Now it looks much sharper now also. I am amazed. I was not able to see all of this awesome detail before now I can. What a beautiful program. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this Jim. It is AWESOME!
PS I noticed that the Aquarium version 2.6 had the option to Limit Frame Rate in the user settings for the program. Will this also be available in the Marine Aquarium 3.0 version? Seems like a useful tweak.

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