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Regarding the 30fps frame rate


Nicki is right, but beware that lowering the Sleep() setting too far, to increase the FPS, has the effect of maxing out the CPU usage... NOT good!

On my system, lowering the Sleep() to '1' can give as much as 190 FPS, (in Windowed mode), but with 100% CPU usage!!!
The default Sleep(10) setting produces about 112 FPS in MA3 Windowed mode, and registers around 60% CPU usage in the Task Manager.
Increasing to Sleep(20) produced about 52 FPS and registers around 25/30% CPU usage. - Your setup of course may be different.
Increasing beyond Sleep(20) makes no further improvement to CPU usage, BUT reduces the FPS still further!

I suggest increasing the default Sleep() setting until your FPS drops to around 40/50. - It can benefit your CPU usage, considerably!

Your selected Sleep() setting is remembered by MA3 for the next start-up.
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