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Since it's now going to be 100% 3D, there is no native resolution for a background pic like there was before. The former background pic was 1280x768 in widescreen. The new program just stretches textures onto polygons, but I'm shooting for a 1-to-1 pixel:texel ratio on my 1920x1200 screen. If I had to name an actual pixel size for the "background", it would be about 4000x1200. On my monitor, this is about 2 screens wide.

It's impossible to keep a 3D object as razor-sharp as the native texture that it uses, because as the object moves toward or away from the camera, or changes its angle, the pixels of the texture will be averaged together as they are stretched onto the object. Even so, the gravel and few items I've got on the screen so far are VERY clear compared to the old version. This should make for a very convincing aquarium when displayed on a large Plasma or DLP screen.

Here are screen captures at the same resolution from v2.6 and v3.0:
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