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Originally posted by nicksteel:
I assume this is the way 3.0 will utilize 2 monitors for 3-D?

Wonder how many eyes just crossed?  
Don't assume. You know what assuming does.

There are easily a dozen 3D shutter glasses for PC. Shutter glasses alternate between the left eye being blocked, followed by the right eye being blocked. The blinking is synchronized with your graphics card so that the graphics card is displaying the image for your left eye at the same time the left eye is unblocked, and the same for the right eye.

To view a 60fps animation, you must be able to set your monitor (and glasses) to 120 fps. This is one case where LCD monitors are at a huge disadvantage, since they are almost all limited to 60fps.

DirectX 8 inexplicably stomped out support for 3D glasses but DirectX 9 added it back. It's unknown why it is so underused.

I don't think using 3D glasses will affect using 1 or 2 monitors (which lets you display more of the tank). I doubt there will be any way to use 1 monitor for the left eye and 1 monitor for the right eye. Jim probably won't do it anyway cause he doesn't want to get sued if someone gets permanently cross-eyed.
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