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We have some threads from days of yore ( a forum search should suffice ) concerning 3D and shutter glasses. I purchased a fairly expensive set for the time ~$200 I think it was, which included a wired pair and a wireless pair, along with the Tx that interfaced with your computer, and loads of software that worked with it. Including software which would allow you to take any normal photo and transform it into a 3D photo. The effect is quite astounding, along the lines of a 3D imax theatre.

In the current aquarium the fish look astounding using these glasses. The background looks like exactly what it is, a series of cutouts strategically placed to provide the effect of coral. I am anxiously awaiting the true 3D background and a chance to look again.

As Morgan says, LCD screens pretty much kill any attempt at 3D using this method. Since LCD screens are on the rise 3D shutter glasses have fallen somewhat by the wayside in recent years. But for anyone who has a crt monitor that will handle the refresh rate, 3D apps like this, and alot of games look astounding. Nvidia has kept up with updates to their 3D drivers, since Wicked 3D disappeared, and with some adjustments excellent results can be acheived. I put an area on our Help/Drivers section of the web page about this. Currently I think the drivers we have listed have been replaced by a later set from nvidia.
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