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In the absence of any indication of which thread we should place comments in, I will repeat my comments made in the {other} 6238 thread, - they still apply to the new 6260 version.

I've noticed this small green triangle on the last few versions, it looks a little out of place to me. Rather like a small piece of plant leaf that's been cut off! - Perhaps I'm being too pernickety!

Dappled Light Play Bug ?
"Simple Tank" (and others with gravel, but less than maximum plants), have no dappled light play on the area of gravel that was previously planted! ... I can understand what's happened, but it looks quite strange on the Simple Tank!

Sorry about the triangle! .... it drives me nuts too! - Once you know it's there, - it's the first thing you see!
ps, Yes, Tiny and James, same here!

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