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Originally posted by Jim Sachs:
And what level of invisiblility would satisfy you that the users wouldn't be messing with the file?  
Jim, I think you mistook my intentions.

I was just expressing a professional opinion that, for maximum program robustness, all inputs should be checked. Even if "there's no way it can be wrong". That's universally considered "good practice", and almost universally ignored in many circumstances.

Please note that I accepted your judgment, as the developer of this application, that having information in the registry was a sufficient amount of protection. And I accepted your judgment that you needed to do a lot of work because the file is visible and editable.

Please note that I agreed with Morgan that we "would rather Jim not waste time trying to make the Playlist file format "bulletproof".

Please note that I also said: "There is a balance here between the importance of Jim's work on the features, versus how robust the program is."

In fact, if I had been writing this program, I would have consciously deferred input-checking until later, and put it on the "to do" list, and moved on. You chose to do more input checking than that, and of course I accept that judgment.

Then you said: "if I knew how to make a file hidden, I'd just make the original hidden. "

So, because I know a bit about the subject, and because you asked, I thought I would offer to help.

Since there are several ways (with advantages and disadvantages) of making a file hidden, I asked for more details about "how hidden" you wanted the file to be. Of necessity, that is your judgment, not mine.

I believe you mistook that for a criticism or a "complaints on the subject".

That wasn't what I intended. It was an honest effort to answer "if I knew how to make a file hidden..."
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