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Thanks for the clarification Jim.

I actually just discovered that Dream Aquarium couldn't do Windowed mode. I guess I was seeing that for myself while you were replying. LOL And though that's a nice program with the interface and all, and the tank sequencer, I still like Marine Aquarium better graphics wise. Though that little crab running around was cute! But I recall you saying you were working on something similar, be it a crab, oyster... I forget which but just remembered it was something I like to eat! :P

So, it's a bummer that it my multi-monitor setup won't support how I wanted to use it though. I've got that 32" widescreen TV just sitting there unused, while I often end up running Marine Aquarium in a window on the side of my screen while I'm working, just so I can watch it and let it relax me. (It definitely helps keep me from getting too stressed.) And I figured it'd be perfect if I could just run it over on that big a$$ TV screen while I'm working.

You know the other program Prolific Offers, Goldfish Aquarium? Do you do the development on that too? Cuz I do have that installed here as well as I'd purchased it several years back, after playing with my sister's on her Windows Media Center PC. Anyway, though it's not as graphic intensive as Marine Aquarium, because it does Windowed mode as well, I was able to confirm that it's frame rate slows from about 125 fps to 32 fps when viewed in a nearly full-size window on the secondary display. So not nearly as slow as the 18 frames in MA, but then again, it doesn't require nearly as much rendering. It's actually running over on there now, and any CPU slowdown is minimal. So this one is a lot more friendly to running in the environment I mentioned. It's possible even MA v2.6 would be usable.

But I'll save further tests for tomorrow as it's now 5am here. I'll try bumping down to 16 bit and such. Actually, you know what? This laptop could've came with an SLI video card setup, but I opted instead for the single card only, figuring I didn't need the dual video card setup required for extreme graphics apps. I'm thinking World of Warcraft players and the like, so I saved the $ and went single video card. Had I been using Marine Aquarium at the time though, and knew that a full SLI setup would've probably given me a prime setup for the environment I described, I might just have thrown the extra money towards it!
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