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I am here because I have a somehow unusual problem. (First please excuse my english, it is not my mother tongue).

I am using right now 2 iMacs (HomeOffice...), one is an older one from late 2013, now updated to Catalina. And after re-entering the registration code, it works again.

My brand new second iMac, arrived with already pre-installed Catalina, I cannot make SereneScreen running. I enter the registration code but the code is not being saved and the screensaver is also not working, not even in demo mode. The program itself is working, but I would like to use it as a normal screen saver.

Do I have to buy another registration code? In the past I was able to use the same code on my office Mac (which is now at home here) and on my private Mac as well...

Maybe it is still a Catalina problem and my brand new iMac has another hardware of course. I am hoping this can be solved, I miss the fishies
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