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Wish List

First, god...that's all I can say. I have a 125, 80, and 50 gallon at home wich keep me very relaxed, but at work, you saver is my savior. I know that every time you come out with another version people have renewed interest in bugging you for more. I want to say "go at your own pace". Better to make us wait a little than to burn out.
Ok, that said, I have an item for the wish list (not a priority).
Two of my tanks are reef tanks, meaning they need high current (couple of power heads in each). I get a big kick out of watching some of my fish, particularly the tangs and a couple of damsels, swimming against the current. Swimming fast but not moving at all. I thought that might be a neat feature. I don't know that a non-fish person would get it unless they could actually see the pump, but thats my 2 cents. Almost all my fish love to play in the power heads, just thought it would be a neat feature.
Much thankx for the whole program. Peace
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