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OpenGL still around files just hidden or super user required

Good morning,
Missing my fish.
What I found is that Apple makes root hard to activate and particular system files/folders untouchable even with root (i.e. "system integrity protection" SIP).
I had to find out how to disable the integrity protection to get older versions of Java and other X11 components installed, or aliases set up to where apple moved the files. Once done I was able to turn system integrity back on and disable root.
Sounds like OpenGL has gone that way and it'll take someone a bit to figure out where the files have been moved, and/or which libraries need to be put back in place?
I had to do this for scientific software I need for work.

Admittedly I'm assuming a WHOLE lot, and hoping that the problems are similar.
If you need information on activating root, and disabling SIP let me know.
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