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Re: The Sachs Aquarium WISHLIST

Icons or images next to each fish would be great, and it wouldn't add to the filesize at all as he can just use the side profile textures.

As for 32 bit, less than 1% of 3d video cards are capable of running Direct3D or OpenGL in 24 or 32 bit. I'm guessing (could be wrong) that if your video card supported 24 or 32 bit 3D, it would work. Also, I doubt the textures on the fish even exist in 32 bit form. I have asked Jim to try to improve the aquarium so that it switches to 16 bit on launch. He says the Microsoft programmer tools aren't helpful at all in this regard and that if your card switches to 16 bit automatically, it's because of the 3d card, not because of anything he's doing.
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