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Re: The Sachs Aquarium WISHLIST

Thank's for the Reply feldon23 and I'm not sure about 1% of cards having 32 bit Colour support/texture support. All the latest 3D graphics cards support 32 bit colour and textures, as do the games. Nvidia cards have done so since the original TNT and the latest Voodoo cards also do even though 3DFX is now officially dead (Nvidia has swallowed them up).

There are probably more people out there with no 3d support at all than anything else, (the aquarium started in software the other day when I was messing around with drivers and I got 2fps ). The V3 was a popular card, (and still is a good budget choice), that doesn't support 32bit colour.

If you buy a new PC today of almost any spec it will contain a 3D card of some description and with a Geforce MX at $100 they are now affordable to all.

Sorry to babble but Graphics card are sort of my thing, I moderate the Video cards & Displays forum on HardwareCentral

I'm also a serious gamer and as such keep my system as cutting edge as possible.

Athlon T-bird 1000Mhz @ 1200Mhz
Abit KT7 Raid
256mb Mushkin PC133
4x IBM GXP75 15.3 gig in a Raid 1/0
Asus v7700 Geforce2 GTS, 230/390
Soundblaster Live
Win 98SE, Direct X 8 & Nvidia beta detonator 6.49

A Geforce Ultra is on the cards but I may give it a miss as NV20 is schedulled for Feb 2001 and many owners of Ultras are being plagued by a "Rolling Lines" image fault, that as yet has no fix.

The Aquarium runs superbly on the above system and I've seen 110fps at 1600 x 1200

I'm off to learn about the fish a bit as I'm no expert.
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