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I love this program...

I managed a "high-end" Marine fish and invert. store for years., so I enjoy this program immensely!
Random thoughts:
I find that the fins do move in a convincing fashion, with the dorsal rigid yet unfolding at times (yellow tang), and the ventrals and caudals (tail) waving. Gil movement would be a nice addition.
I already got the fish I had requested a while ago, the Red Sea Semilarvatus butterfly. An Asfur angel would be cool,too. I like the Red Sea fish most of all.
Moving invertebrates would be cool, like a Harlequin shrimp or two, but I'd bet they'd be difficult, and really run up the poly. count.

I've got a Celeron 500@562, and a V3 2000 @ 180. With all 7 fish, I stay above 60fps @ 1024x780. Very smooth for an old system. That such a realistic program can run this well on such a system vouches for the competence of the programming.

Interestingly (to me,anyway), the frame-rate on the current E-build is quite a bit higher than with the demo version with exactly the same settings: fish,resolution,etc. I think it would be good to "upgrade" the demo to reflect the (apparently) more refined code, allowing it to run well on more systems.

I think this would make a good program for the aquarium market, albeit with a much more comprehensive fish catalog.
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