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Re: The Sachs Aquarium WISHLIST

Hi, I just wanted to say that I think most people are wanting some variation in the included. I looked at the pictures on your site and the only fish I would choose are the Lionfish, Seahorse, and maybe the Clown Trigger. The rest of the fish just look too similar in shape and size to the fish that are already in the screensaver.
I got the screensaver probably the first week it was out, and since then I have been checking back on the Sachs website, looking at the comments and news, and I really believe people are disappointed that there are no new backgrounds, and not much variation. There was even talk early on about small octopus and lobster/crabs ( which would have been awesome!)
Either way, I just wanted to lend my 2 cents and cast a vote for some of the more unique fish and/or backgrounds.

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