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Problems in Paradise, just bought a Flybook V5 beautifull but ....... MA3 is not working right, all the fish leave traces of there image. A little while ago I had a simular problem on the right site. Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset.
All the other machines still working great but really looking forward to the new fish.

Intel Quadcore Q9550
Club 3D8800 GTS 640mb DDR3
Kingston 2GB DDR3
Asus Extreme Maximus FSB 1600
3.6 TB HD's
24" Iiyama Prolite B2403WS
24" Fujitsu Siemens L2W
32 bit Vista Ultimate full version
Xclio A380 twin engine
Intel Core i7-920 LGA 1366
Asus P6T Deluxe
6GB Corsair XMS3-1600 DDR3
1 Saphire ATI HD4870 X2 2GB
Creative X-Fi Titanium
Corsair PSU 750watt TX
Thermaltake VH6000BWS Armor+
24" Fujitsu Siemens L2W
32" Samsung Flatscreen TV as second screen
Windows Vista 64 Ultimate full version
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