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Originally posted by cjmaddy:
I never used MA2.6's auto lighting, and I never use MA3's auto scrolling, - I have a pair of ViewSonic VP920, plus a VP171s on our other PC.
..... I have never seen ANY burn-in in over five years of using ViewSonic LCDs.  
And your point is...? Just because you have not seen it on your particular set up does NOT mean it doesn't happen, or that it isn't a problem for some users. As I pointed out in other threads on this same subject several months ago, persistence in LCD's is nowhere near as big a deal as burn-in was with older CRT monitors, but it DOES exist.

For the vast majority of users it will never become an issue. Either they have equipment which is resistant to persistence, or they have scrolling turned on which is enough to avoid it, or they simply never run MA3 long enough to encounter it. In any case, with such a small population of affected users, it is understandable that Jim has pushed the lighting requests further down on the to-do list than his current efforts.
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