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Originally posted by Rick Simon:
And your point is...? Just because you have not seen it on your particular set up does NOT mean it doesn't happen, or that it isn't a problem for some users. As I pointed out in other threads on this same subject several months ago, persistence in LCD's is nowhere near as big a deal as burn-in was with older CRT monitors, but it DOES exist.  
I concur.

I have seen a few monitors (don't remember brand/models) of PC LCD screens that had what appeared to be permanent images "burned on" to the screen. Maybe, if sent back to the manufactures, the images could have been removed or worked out. Dunno.

Perhaps, though, they weren't really "burned in" in the same manner as on a CRT, but more "burned out" - meaning the LCD pixels that were continuously on in the exact same state no longer burn as bright as the surrounding ones.

Does that match what you've seen, Rick?

More specific to MA3 beta, I do not believe that even continuous running of MA3 in "pan" mode would ever do this, although any long term issue of a "steady state" of a group of pixels on an LCD screen could be a problem. It appears to me that only a small area along the upper left hand top edge of the screen is not being refreshed or changed by fish movements, and this will be remedied by the proposed future changes to MA.
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