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Reports (demo version)

Starfish and eel sliders default to "1", don't lock to "0" (they slide back to "1"). So it looks like they're supposed to be "always on", but in fact, they are always off (no eel or starfish visible).
Vertical camera positioning is gone :-(
There's a small hole in the geometry at the top of the cave (horizontal, mostly white line).
When fish are set "all none", further holes can be seen at the far left of the tank.
Caustics do not seem to affect the fish, but at least they no longer look like a cheap fake now.
Fish swimming through objects still seems to be a problem (especially in the area above the cave entrance.)
Orientation flip in wallpaper mode may be unintentional (but I like it!)
Many thanks for bringing this back for Android version 5!
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