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Tons of praise and three feature requests

Holy crap. AWESOME. The video quality was already incredible in version 2.6 but now it is absolutely not to be believed.

That said, a (small!) list of enhancements:

1) The colour of some of the fish seems a bit washed out - in particular, the flame angelfish, one of my favourite reef fish of all time. When watching these things in RL, the colours are so bright they can be literally painful to the eyes. (Especially when noticing the contrast between the very dark blue pattern on the tail, and the deep red-orange around the "outsides" of the body.) I noticed the same in the old version 2.6, but well, I wasn't invited to be part of the beta test in that one.

2) I LOVE the great increase to the number of fish you can have at a time - now is there any chance that we can get a wider selection? We've got a great number of showpiece fish that would make any home reef owner proud, but it'd be INCREDIBLY awesome if I could drop a small school of blue-green chromis in the background of a reef communit tank too, and maybe some bottom-dwelling blennies and gobies. As well, when you have a reef tank with volitan lion fish (THANK YOU! I love volitans!) it'd be awesome to be able to fit out a full predator tank with perhaps some smaller moray eels (snowflake moray, zebra moray) and the like. I don't know how hard it is to individually define completely seperate behaviour and movement patterns for different fish (i.e. schooling, bottom-swimming, coral-lurking) but if any of this is doable, it'd turn a computer into a viable option to actually having a REAL reef.

That said, along similar lines...

3) The starfish rocks. I love the starfish. More inverts? Please? There's so much to love! Snails, shrimp, crabs... =D

I'd like to re-emphasize that basically all three of these are wet dream wish-list type requests, and that you already had in version 2.6 the best aquarium simulation screensaver I've ever seen... and version 3 blows it away. Truly outstanding work, and I hope you're very proud of yourself. You deserve it. Can't wait until there's a release version up to purchase.

Running a steady 111fps on two monitors, 1280x1024@32bpp each, with six fish and a starfish active.
Video chipset is Radeon x1300 Pro.

[Edit 2]
I should clarify that you do already have a ton of interesting inverts, like the tridacna clams in the middle of the aquarium; I'm just hoping for more stuff which, like the starfish, can move around at least a bit.
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