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the tweaking of gravel

i agree with your "poke me in the eye with a stick" comment...but even though i would NEVER put brightly colored gravel in my tank ("nothing prettier than the fish" is my motto)...real or digital...this is about having a product that pleases your customers.

"gee whiz" stuff like this should always take a backseat to real bugfixes and functional improvements, but i don't see why a gravel color slider isn't possible. you've set the bar for lifelike aquarium screensavers, and now that you have some competition in that arena, why not add some more customizability? in the computer biz, "custom" is the key word in customer. we want it our way.

a possible method would be to use light gray gravel so one can get highlights and shadows, mask it out from the other elements (rocks, plants), and then put in some simple color/brightness sliders.
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