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New Features

well, I downloaded the free trial to see what was new. It seems like (other than what was already mentioned in this thread), that a few new fish were added, a new fishbowl screen was added, and a few tank objects (rock, wood) were added.

I was actually hoping that a few fishtank toys would have been available (e.g. the very two classic fish toys: the treasure chest and the castle --- and maybe even a little diver toy) I was also hoping that these objects could be added to the fishtank scene (the one where the water takes up the entire screen) and not just to the fishbowl scene. I was also hoping you would be able to change the background and/or gradient of the fishtank scene with a custom background and/or gradient. As well as being able to change the color of the pebbles (i.e. in the blue fashion of the Media Center version.) But hopefully some, if not all, of these changes will be in the 2.5 or 3.0 version.

Overall, it's still the greatest fish screensavers out there. I'm going to be purchasing 2.0 right now.

p.s. does anyone know if they make a 2 monitor version so that the entire fishtank takes up the space of both monitors? That way when 1 fish leaves one monitor, it appears in the other monitor. A 2 widescreen monitor setup is pretty common where I work, and it would be great if I had a 2 monitor screensaver. :-)
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