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Marine Aquarium 2.6 is here.

Prolific has released Marine Aquarium 2.6 on the website

Aquarium 2.6 contains two new fish and all the functionality of Marine Aquarium 2 and Marine Aquarium Time 2.

ED Note: Marine Aquarium 2.6 is a $9.95 upgrade for Marine Aquarium 1 and Marine Aquarium 2 users (even online purchasers).

Marine Aquarium 2.6 is a free upgrade for owners of Marine Aquarium 2.5 CD. Additionally, we are going to be offering MA 2.6 keycodes to all owners of the bundle versions of MA2 and MAT2. Prolific will be emailing our bundle owners free keycodes during the next few days, so please be patient.

Thanks again to Jim Sachs for all his hard work, and to the Order n dev team for coordinating a OS X release at the same time.
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