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Originally posted by jwdd:
I own MA2 MD. Does this version qualify for the free upgrade or do I need to purchase the upgrade for 9.95?  
Originally posted by loub216:
I put my 2.0 keycode in and it doesn't work.  
I have to tell you, I am a bit disappointed that there is no upgrade path for people who have Marine Aquarium 2 and want the 2 new fish but not the clock. $9.95 is steep for 2 new fish.

Originally posted by jleslie:
It will be interesting to see what fish get bundled in with the 3D version and if it is actually free to existing users (since 2.6 appears not to be).  
This will be very interesting. Indeed, the 3D version is supposed to be free to existing users of Marine Aquarium .99D -> 2.0.
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