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How about a cat? No, no… that’s for version 10.0…

When I first saw the fishbowl I was surprised that only one fish was allowed in the bowl, but it grew fast on me, and I don’t know if I’d want any more.

I really like the flower personally. When I watch the goldfish is gives a calm feeling, and the flower just seems to fit in with that. I’m itching for some 3Dness, but I’m very patient.

But to have an option to put something else there would be nice. I’m lazy with my creativeness right now, so I thought I’d look to life for ideas. And since I don’t have a fishbowl of my own I thought I’d search Google’s images. But I found nothing.

How about a picture frame? Import your own picture in there. Maybe a clock on the wall in the background… coo coo clock.

Other ideas, but not as good; lava lamp; can of fish food; or if you really feel like getting into it, a window in the background with the forest just outside, with the lights turned up it’s daylight birds chirping sun shining wind blowing a gentile breeze making the curtains dance, and then with the lights turned down at night the crickets chirp and the moon shines on the lonely goldfish bowl.
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