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Exclamation Marine Aquarium 3 Rumors and Speculation

Instead of having questions answered all over the place, lets try and keep everything thats asked/answered about 3.0 in this thread.

You will also notice Morgan and I have updated the web page to reflect the news.


Current News so far:
  • It will be slightly over 2 widescreens wide.
  • All the new fish will have more polygons than the old versions.
  • Jim has the gravel set the way he wants it.
  • He is currently working on 3D objects.
  • Sea anemones and puffers should use shaders
  • Gravel should be able to be disturbed in areas.
  • will not be compatible with very old video cards. ( thats what 2.6 is for )
  • August 16th : working on barnacles
  • 5 clams, which will open and close
  • modified, more realistic fish movement and behavior, + schooling
  • written for DX9
  • Multi-Monitor support is included
  • Live preview window in display settings

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