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Michael, thanks for making this topic. It keeps it nice and organized. Some more recent info to add from other topics:

It will use basic shaders for sea anemones and puffer fish (puffer fish not in 3.0)
Compatible with older cards is no longer a factor
As of August 14th, 2006 he was working on barnacles
Soft corals will be “alive” and moving
As of May 12th, 2005 he created a clam
The 5 clams will open and close when touched
The 5 clams will be different
Fish movement will be more realistic, including schooling
It’ll be written in DX9
Live preview window in the display settings

And just to be complete, some other random information that we know about 3.0:
Everything will be 3D
Camera will slowly pan left to right

Anything else I’m missing for version 3.0?
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