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Unhappy No Keyboard! - Can't Get Past Screensaver!

Hi, I have had the Marine Aquarium for many, many years, and just love it.

But I have a problem right now. My HP Bluetooth wireless keyboard abruptly stopped working tonight. I put some new batteries in. Nothing. Tried pressing the Blue Connect button. Nothing. Tried moving the receiver to a different USB port. Nothing. (By the way, mouse was still working fine.)

I found some instructions for the Virtual Keyboard, found under Accessories, and got that working. Went to fix something to eat, and when I came back the screen saver had come on. I suddenly realized: Crap! I can't get past this screensaver, as I have no escape key!! I read somewhere on this site that the right mouse key was also supposed to work to exit the program. Except that it didn't work!

Some of the instructions for investigating the keyboard issue said to try rebooting, but if my login password won't work, how would I get into the computer?

The one thing that might work (not sure): After a certain number of hours, the computer goes into a deep sleep and the screen goes black. I THINK (but not sure) that upon waking it up, the screen saver might be gone. Then I could change the settings through the Control Panel, or just deactivate it.

I'm on Windows 7 64-bit.
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