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Originally posted by Tiny Turtle:
Funny how many people like to bash Vista here who also happen to *not* be users of said OS. Much like XP was the one to pick on on this forum as W2k was *so* superior a few years back...  
Sorry, but that crap doesn't fly with me. I have used Vista for over 20 hours. Every time I use it, I want to tear my hair out. They randomly and with no thought to usability or convenience rearranged all the control panels and split things up that were perfectly fine. It is extremely obvious to me that they realized if they had just done things in the most logical arrangement possible, it would have not been much of a change over XP and people wouldn't buy it. So they had to fool around with the whole OS, even if there was no real benefit.

I find some of the most basic user interface features of Vista to be a nightmare. For instance, in XP if your wireless network gets confused, you can right-click Repair. It disconnects, reconnects, and gets an IP address. Vista insists on bringing up a massive diagnostic and troubleshooting utility which takes about 30 seconds to come up and most of the time will say "No problems with the Network Adapter were found. Goodbye."

In every thing I have seen in Vista, it takes LONGER and MORE CLICKS to accomplish the same tasks. I cannot think of a single situation in Vista where any productivity or repetitive tasks have been streamlined. Everything is MORE complicated and takes more ram, more hard drive, and more time to do the same things.

I find it maddening that there is no "UP Directory" button anywhere in Vista File Request windows. You pull down File to Open and you are browsing a directory and there is no obvious way to go UP one directory. Instead you have to use the little popup directory menus at the top. Again this seems like a huge step backwards to how some of the DOS windowing environments from the 80's worked.

I also find the Start menu to be a total freaking joke. Is this 1981? Now we have to type in the name of the program or document we want to use? Sounds like MS-DOS to me. I guess after 12 years Microsoft has given up on the Start menu and instead of making it even easier to reorganize it (I bet most users have no idea they can right-click on the Programs area of the Start Menu and Alphabetize the programs), they have just done away with any semblance of organization and expect us to type the name of what we want. Instead of allowing us to organize the Start menu into larger categories like Games, Productivity, Utilities, etc. or something smart, they just said "you know, we should just make the whole computer searchable and just let people type." Brilliant! The Start menu in Vista is a HUGE step backwards.

So I call bullshit on your idea that the only reason people hate Vista is because they just "haven't given it a chance".

I'm still waiting for someone to list a single feature that Vista has that XP doesn't that I'll actually use.
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