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Originally posted by feldon32:
I also find the Start menu to be a total freaking joke. Is this 1981? Now we have to type in the name of the program or document we want to use? Sounds like MS-DOS to me. I guess after 12 years Microsoft has given up on the Start menu and instead of making it even easier to reorganize it (I bet most users have no idea they can right-click on the Programs area of the Start Menu and Alphabetize the programs), they have just done away with any semblance of organization and expect us to type the name of what we want. Instead of allowing us to organize the Start menu into larger categories like Games, Productivity, Utilities, etc. or something smart, they just said "you know, we should just make the whole computer searchable and just let people type." Brilliant! The Start menu in Vista is a HUGE step backwards.  
I agree on the part that hardly anyone realizes you can alphabetize the start menu with a single right click in XP. Also I hardly ever see anyone organize their start menu. They just choose the defaults of the install programs and let it be. I'm in the keep it neat and organized camp.
I disagree with the statements you made about the start menu in Vista. Vista's start menu still has all the installed programs listed in the start menu, same as it did in XP. Yes there is a search bar in the start menu but you don't have to use it. IMO I like how the start menu in Vista stays the same size and if need be adds a vertical scroll bar compared to the start menu in XP than can grow and grow and grow.
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