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Post Works for mee too

I use Vista Business 32 bit and UAC with no problems as well. I will offer some install tips though because I have been through this more than once (Not specifically with MA). Whenever I install something that wasn't specifically designed for Vista, I right click on the installer and do Run as Administrator. This does NOT always work though and in those cases, I uninstall the misbehaving program and then actually log in as administrator. (You may have to "activate" the account) and then install it that way. I don't think I had to take any extra measures like that when I installed this. (always be on the lookout for an option that asks if you want to install for just this user or all.)

Just my 2 cents. No one had mentioned Business version. There is a weird "feature" in Vista that won't allow you to run a program as Administrator that is in the program files directory that wasn't put there by an installer. (I.E. take a program that works without an install and then put it in the program files directory, it will still ask for permission.) There is a workaround but it is a bit obtuse and shouldn't be an issue here. I only mention it in case you played with directories.
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