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I’ve been enjoying this new version for a while now. The credit card problem I was having was fixed last Wednesday, so I finally got my copy then. Thank you very much Prolific!

I’m enjoying this version very much, and if it was the final version I’d still be very happy with it. Saying that; as I watch this, I start to notice little things that I wish were improved.

First, the sound. With the tanks, this feels pretty normal. However when it goes to the bowls, clear tank, or pond, it doesn’t fit at all.

Second, the If I saw this in a store, that’d be great to know where to find it. If this was just a demo, I can understand a little logo appearing. But when it’s my personal owned copy, even though it’s slightly hidden, it still looks unnatural. Even if it was a bit more incorporated, that would be fine with me, like how SereneScreen looks. You could have it written into the pebbles or on the bowl glass like as if it was just the bowl manufactures logo.

Just a thought. But above all, I love the new upgrade. Thank you!
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