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Fish swimming through objects

First off, let me say that I LOVE this application. It is so restful. As a retired software engineer (30 years, in several languages) I also appreciate how much work went into it, and how utterly solid and elegant it is! Rare, these days.

One minor thing (minor for me, at least!): about once every couple of minutes, I believe I'm seeing a fish swim through something. Mostly the sponge, but I've also seen one swim through the top part of the crystal, and also a coral. The offenders have been different species.
I managed to catch one in the act:

My system information:
ASUS K70IC-A1 (laptop)
Intel Core2 Duo P8700 2.53GHz, 4.00 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GT 220M, 1.00 GB
Windows 7 Professional 32-bit
Hardware drivers all current
MA3 version T928.3.0.1953

Let me know if you need any further information.

Thank you for this wonderful app!
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