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** First 2 Lines Comment ** Jim, it's a bug that should be fixed.
Beta 11f, and I can't see how this could be due to Windows 7.

Originally posted by JohnWho:
Dale -

After adding a few MP3s, in the Playlist screen I played part of a song or two and then "OK"-ed out of the screen. I then heard both the music and the bubbles and discovered that both were now checked in "Program Settings". I, too, have the Bubble Column on.

Odd. I've just tried and I can not duplicate this. If I do, I'll make another note of it.  
OK, the thing I hadn't done was "Play".

I can duplicate this with the music, repeatedly and precisely, without adding or removing anything. I currently have 7 items in my music playlist - CanonGuitar.sgt plus one .mid, one .wav, and four .mp3s

Started MA3 using the desktop icon.

A. Confirm in Program Settings that "Music" is not checked.
B. Open Music Playlist, highlight anything (CanonGuitar.sgt will do), and click Play.
C. Click on OK - note that the Settings panel comes up, and the music plays.
D. Look in Program Settings, and note that "Music" is now checked.

The various other logical tests (clicking stop, exiting, etc. etc.) don't change that.

Confirmed the same behavior using the other two ways of starting MA3. Did not do any testing in windowed mode, though.

I did not ever observe the bubble sound turning on, though.
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