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Perhaps rather than start another thread I will elaborate here on my current difficulties with MA 3.2

The problem has occurred ever since I installed a second AMD (ATI) HD6870 graphics card to go Crossfire
I'm running the latest AMD 11.10 drivers, OS Windows 7 (64bit).

The problem is with crossfire 'enabled' the screen / complete PC locks up as soon as it enters the MA screen saver splash screen, at which point I have to power off and reboot. If I disable crossfire, no problem MA 3.2 runs as it should.
I have found I can preview MA in windowed mode but then when left to start after my default 10 minutes wait it will lock up again. I have tried different resolutions, limiting the frame rate and locking the frame rate with the refresh, none of these have made any difference. I have tried the previous revison drivers 11.9 with the same result.
Hardware wise all fans are spinning and the graphic cards idle at a nice and sensible 36 - 38 C. No other issues with any software as far as I can tell. I've also gone to the trouble of trying a few other '3D' screen-savers which have all worked without a hitch (crossfire enabled) but sadly they are of course not quite upto the standard of MA 3.2

Any suggestions are most welcome
Regards Huw
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