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Dear Mr. Jim,

I’m the one who is enjoying your music so much as well as your new fish & coral.

I have been reading your post about the pocket your life has fallen into because of your Mom. So commendable. You will never regret this later down the road.

I would like to describe a scenario that took place at my daughter’s office building. The building is very luxurious and in the entrance there was an aquarium about 10’ long. (guessing). Two people were cleaning the tank. Algia, dead plants, cloudy water etc. Since this was Saturday no one was working and I was just being shown around the building. The BIG boss came in while just passing by. I met and casual talk was being made.

Be aware that I have been a great lover of aquariums for years. Even raised fish, spawned egg layers for a pet store to feet their fish as well as many types of live bearers.

As I was watching this one man try to scrape the algia off the inside of the glass a thought came to me. This is what I want to pass on to you now. I have no idea how, if, or possible but here goes.

I spoke to Mr. John, the boss, and asked if he had ever pictured a projected aquarium similar to a screen saver on the front & ends of the tank. He even had his engineer cleaning the tank. I told him, you will never have to clean the tank again, feed the fish, keep the water clear and the right balance etc. He even possible already had the man to invent it cleaning the tank right now…..

Well Mr. John, being a brilliant Korean (I think), stared at me a little while then spoke to the engineer & said I bet you could do that, couldn’t you?

Well that is all of that but I was thinking about you. When it is not quiet time to go to bed at night and you have a little bit of inventiveness flowing you may could just think on this.

Usually something new for me on the computer will perk me up and pull out more energy. Just a thought. You surely do know how much everyone appreciates all your past years of work even if you don’t ever feel like doing anything but coasting for a while.
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