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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in Marine Aquarium 3.1?
The newest features in Marine Aquarium 3 are the improvements to background colors, lighting, as well as the clock/calendar/logo interface.

If you have been using Marine Aquarium 2 series, the first thing you should notice is the totally new 3D background. The coral background has been rebuilt from scratch as 3D objects. This means that the camera can pan back and forth and the illusion of depth is maintained.

Marine Aquarium 3 adds Music Playlist, Fish Playlist, and Logo Playlist features so you can add different songs, different logos, and different arrangements of fish and rotate between them.

How many fish can I have?
You can now have more than 8 fish, a LOT more. Try 30!
Press the SPACE bar to open the Settings panel. Select "Fish Settings" and you can create your own tanks so you can personalize which fish appear and then switch between your favorite tanks.

Have the fish been improved?
This is still the same 28 fish that came with Marine Aquarium 2.6. It is Jim's intention to upgrade the fish graphics and eventually the behavior and animation as part of the ongoing Marine Aquarium 3 process.

Is the coral background animated?
The Sea Fan coral (orange wispy, far left), purple Gorgonia (right side), Giant Clams (front and center), and new Feather Duster are all animated. More animated coral is expected in the future.

Does the starfish climb the glass like in MA 2.6?
Not yet, but it will in a future release of Marine Aquarium 3 beta.

What are the names of the corals?
You can find a picture of them here:

How do I customize the fish or set up my own fish tanks? How do I add music to the playlist, or adjust the sound volume for the music and bubbles?
Press the SPACE bar to bring up the Settings panel.

How do learn which hotkeys will adjust the lighting, display wireframe mode, and otherwise what cool keys can I press?
Press the SPACE bar to bring up the Settings panel and click About.

My computer is running really hot and/or freezing when running the Aquarium. OR - My fans are running continuously, is there a fix?
MA3 is probably working harder on your computer than it needs to. Use the Frame Rate Limit to control how much time your computer spends animating the Aquarium. On most systems, a setting of 60 frames per second (fps) is adequate. On older computers especially laptops, it may be advisable to lower this setting in increments of 5 until the computer is producing smooth animation, and there is no chance of overheating. Even a frame rate of 30 or 40 is acceptable for most users.

How do I remove all trace of Marine Aquarium 3 from the Registry?

You can then use our handy-dandy Marine Aquarium 3 Registry Cleaner script to wipe all trace of Marine Aquarium 3 Beta from your PC. It will retain your Marine Aquarium 1, 2, and 2.6 information. If you want to remove that information too, use the Marine Aquarium Registry Cleaner script.
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