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Xmas Present

Dear Jim S.
I just have to thank you for the first Christmas Present I have received this holiday. I have been a good customer of yours for years, telling people where to go to get my screen saver, but you don't even know it. Since late 1900s I have had 3 computers facing me in my office at home as I do my church's web site as well as a mass of Bible Correspondence Courses. All three computers stay on at one time... starting with 95, 98, xp, vista , 7, now 10....Serene Screen has always been my screen saver. Well something very amazing happened tonight....My SS program crashed on my 10..I put the old faithful disk in and it restarted as it has I have many times in the past. BUT ! Music; Scrolling back ground; bubbles off & on; I couldn't believe it after all these years watching the same things....I surmised that it upgraded it's self to #3 when I put the disk back in....I have been using # 2 for many years....AND I haven't even gotten a "Trial" notice either. THANKS. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALSO from a little 73yrs old lady geek.
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