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Screen saver starting/exiting times

Has anyone noticed that the time it takes for the screen saver to start and exit has increased a lot? This is not really a problem, but I have been wondering if it is normal.

A long time ago (windows xp days) the marine aquarium screen saver would start almost instantly once the screen saver timeout expired. Then when you pressed the 'Esc' key to exit, the screen saver would exit almost immediately back to the Windows desktop.

With Windows 10 (64 bit), the time for the screen saver to start and exit has increased a lot, especially since the 1803 windows update. It takes about 14 seconds for the screen saver to start, and it takes about 18 seconds for the screen saver to exit back to the lock screen. Is this normal?

One strange thing I have noticed is that I can decrease the screen saver exit time by doing the following: If I press the Windows 'Ctrl' key and then press 'Esc' (while continuing to hold down the Ctrl key), the exit time decreases from 18 seconds to 4 seconds. Does anyone know why holding down Ctrl decreases the exit time by 14 seconds?

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